Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is the initial integration platform, totally native cloud & low-code which help organizations to modernize their IT architecture rapidly and proficiently by supporting all combination of integration between cloud, SaaS & on premise systems. It specializes in providing a cloud-based integration platform and is a form of systems integration delivered as a cloud service that addresses data, process, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and application integration use cases. By using intuitive point-and- click tools and a library of pre-built connectors, you can easily configure, run and manage your data interactions – from simple to sophisticated. Boomi’s extensive capabilities configure the data integration and management processes at a pace that is not possible with conventional software programming, hardware appliances, or custom coding.

Our Approach

We take a business-led approach to technology implementations. This transformative approach empowers organizations to align their business strategy with the Dell Boomi enabling technology, and realize the maximum potential to outperform their peers.

A successful implementation starts with an understanding that technology alone will not provide a business solution. By approaching the engagement with a focus on the business needs, prerequisites and constraints we can help to t our clients in establishing legitimate processes enabled by properly deployed technology.

It is essential to have a clear strategy and procedure in place to ensure that implementations and overhauls will accomplish specific business objectives while minimizing risks. As a Dell Boomi partner, our team of business and technical specialists work with clients as a "business integrator" and not merely as a systems integrator. Our proven methodology is a perfect combination of complete end-to- end process, customized upgrade tools and experienced assets.  We bring unparalleled industry experience to every project and we take a business-led approach to technology implementations.

Project Execution

We build end to end customized solutions, ensuring that you get a strategic package evaluation and roadmap, robust implementation, reliable, easy to monitor, and best quality development on the boomi platform. We emphasis on designing simple processes that can eliminate application errors, network issues and other pitfalls to provide integration with the lowest possible risk to our clients’ operations. We not only implement Dell Boomi solutions, but also solve your business challenges by drawing on our industry and platform expertise. Our consultants make the most out of the Cloud-based and marketing automation technology. Our experience in being able to deliver complex integrations across cloud based applications has enabled many clients in achieving significant business benefits.

Certified Professionals

Our certified Professionals are invaluable contributors to the success of Dell Boomi clients. Our certified professionals bridge the gap between Dell Boomi products and specified business outcomes. Our credentials test their ability to blend technical expertise in specific solutions, with their experience in applying that knowledge to solve real world business challenges in a customer-facing role.